He dropped the orange peel as he walked. “Leave no trace,” said Sharon, last in the line. She stopped to squat, trying to pick up the trash. Her knees wavered as she balanced the weight of her backpack. “It’s organic,” said Vince. He shrugged, like what did it matter. His wife Nevada nodded agreement. “It’s not trash,” said Nevada, “because it’s part of the … Continue reading Transubstantiation

The Type of Bite that Stings

  When the beehive fell onto our front porch, I told Cecily not to look at it. She asked why, and I replied because I said so, and then she looked out the door window anyway and said, “It’s a broken home, just like ours.” I don’t know why Cecily thought our home was broken. Our plumbing works, although sometimes the toilet upstairs only flushes … Continue reading The Type of Bite that Stings