The Commuter’s Dream

Each night David’s wife said, “I’ll just help him down.” But when David entered the room an hour later, the crib was always empty. Mother and child lay in bed, asleep in a way he himself never slept. Light from the small lamp, transmuted by canary-painted walls, cast the bedroom in parchment tones. It’s like a new world, he thought, like seeing land from the … Continue reading The Commuter’s Dream

Deep Dreams

          My father was a monster hunter. He believed in chimeras and yetis. When he looked into the ocean, he saw shadows lurking beneath it. Mother Nature didn’t like being bothered by humans, and she always had a full stock of ammunition to keep them out. It was his job to expose her armies so that children wouldn’t be swallowed by serpents. The monster he … Continue reading Deep Dreams

Review of Premonitions by Elizabeth Schmuhl

Schmuhl takes her readers on a journey to a place where nothing is fixed and challenges readers to look inward Elizabeth Schmuhl’s debut collection, Premonitions, is a collection of complex yet simple pieces in motion inviting readers on a journey through life. This collection of 59 poems first stands out with how they are organized: none of the poems in Premonitions are titled. Instead, they … Continue reading Review of Premonitions by Elizabeth Schmuhl

Review of The Loneliness Cafe by Richard Dokey

Sixteen strange stories explore the human need for connection. The Loneliness Café is a collection of sixteen short stories that sit together within the pages like a family—all of them share some similarities that make the pages flow, but each is clear and distinct from the rest. Throughout the collection, from “Eddie and Larry and Phil,” a story about a man forming a bond between … Continue reading Review of The Loneliness Cafe by Richard Dokey