A Muscular Organ, the Size of Your Fist

The colorful woman boarded wearing a bright pink coat almost to her knees and rubber rain boots that sparkled silver. She wore orange mittens and carried a yellow leather bag over her right shoulder and a wheat-colored canvas tote over her left. She held her purply-blue heart, encased in clear Tupperware, in front  of her chest. Zhijian watched, keeping his head lowered, as she walked … Continue reading A Muscular Organ, the Size of Your Fist

Fall 2019

ART: The Oil Paintings of Michael Fantuz FICTION: “The Edge of Something” by Brendan Thompson“The Commuter’s Dream” by Charles Duffie“Petaki Road” by Andrew Marvin“Deep Dreams” by Jieyan Wang NONFICTION: “Vultures” by Brandi Jo Nyberg“Loving My Neighbor” by Rick Kempa POETRY: Four Poems by Esther RaTwo Poems by Kathryn Kirkpatrick“Something About a Black Boy” by Len Lawson“Navigation Song” by Sandy LonghornFour Poems by Rebecca Macijeski“The First … Continue reading Fall 2019