LSSU High School Short Story Prize-Winning Story

Brown gives way to black as I run, and slowly the black becomes unbreakable, reflective sheets of obsidian glass. The glassy expanse does not last long and my bare feet sound louder on it than on the grains surrounding it. It is almost as though the sun scorched the land here until the sand baked black and solid and smooth. Too soon, light begins to bubble up on the horizon as I leave the valley of glass, but there is nowhere for me to hide, no cover to shelter me. At the Center there was always cover to take, behind large rocks, and in the homely caves that lined the hills. We took great care in avoiding all forms of light. But there is no shelter here. Continue reading LSSU High School Short Story Prize-Winning Story

Grumpy Mr. Candleman by Jenni Madden

Interview with Jenni Madden

Jenni Madden is the featured artist for Volume 4. Madden created the below pieces over the past year in response to our “wind” theme for volume 5, our final issue in a series of four exploring the elements. Her whimsical and surreal creations evoke a wide range of emotions and have a surprising sense of playfulness. Madden is an American living in Ontario with her husband … Continue reading Interview with Jenni Madden

Mother Nature Dreaming by Jenni Madden

Interview with Marilyn Martin

Marilyn Martin is our featured nonfiction writer for volume 5. We are proud to feature her latest essay in this issue, “Chameleons,” about a road trip her father took her family on in the 1960s. An excerpt from the essay appears below: We had been driving forever. Outside my window, trees covered in Spanish moss flashed by. The last time I’d walked on solid ground was at a rest stop in South … Continue reading Interview with Marilyn Martin

Madden's drawing, The Big Mouth, was also featured in our 2015 issue.

Interview with Dawn S. Davies

“I remember what it feels like to be the outsider in a group of kids, and what it’s like to walk into a room and have no one look at you with kindness in their eyes. I was picked on briefly, yet regularly, every time I moved. I would come home from school feeling like I had been in a war zone all day. As the new kid, the other kids always poked at me a bit to see how I would react.” Continue reading Interview with Dawn S. Davies

A Colourful Lack of Vision by Jenni Madden

Interview with Mary Buchinger

“Poetry presents an opportunity to go both inside and outside oneself. The invitation to see something in a very different way—to enter into a sensibility utterly unlike your own—is an inherent invitation to experience your own reality differently. The self is challenged in encounters with others—poetry has the power to disturb default understandings of the self and others. In making the world strange we become strange to ourselves and this strangeness creates opportunities for growth and change.” Continue reading Interview with Mary Buchinger

Review: Ronlyn Domingue’s new novel, The Chronicle of Secret Riven

Reviewed by Wyatt Hanson The second book in the Keeper of Tales Trilogy, The Chronicle of Secret Riven by volume 3 contributor Ronlyn Domingue, is fascinating both in the story it tells and its execution. Although it might be classified as a fantasy, set as it is in a faraway kingdom of magic, the novel does not quite follow what has become expected from the … Continue reading Review: Ronlyn Domingue’s new novel, The Chronicle of Secret Riven

Interview: Joseph Haske on his debut novel, North Dixie Highway

Interviewed by Mary McMyne, fiction editor Joseph Haske, whose excellent story “Bear Hunt” was the first acceptance for our Vol. 4 Michigan and Ontario writers feature, published his debut novel, North Dixie Highway, today with Texas Review Press.  A layered look at revenge and the deep ties of blood and family, the novel is set largely in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan and named after the Dixie … Continue reading Interview: Joseph Haske on his debut novel, North Dixie Highway