Do You Remember, 48" x 54", Oil on Canvas

Story of the Ghost

  They sit on the curb just past the customs booth: three dudes staring into the distance, faces hangdog, eyes vacant. Dreadlocks flow down their backs and rest limp on the sidewalk beside their bodies, looking like unearthed roots withering for lack of soil. Above them, the flags of two nations whip in a stiff breeze, while twenty yards off loom the struts and cables … Continue reading Story of the Ghost

Aerial View of Detroit, 24" x 30", Oil on Canvas

The Paintings of Emilie Mae

All of the art featured in this issue is the work of Emilie Mae, an American oil painter from Detroit, who now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Following the images below, our editors ask Emilie a few questions.           Interview with Emilie Mae Border Crossing: We really enjoy your use of vibrant color as well as use of texture in paintings. Can you talk … Continue reading The Paintings of Emilie Mae

Interview: Joseph Haske on his debut novel, North Dixie Highway

Interviewed by Mary McMyne, fiction editor Joseph Haske, whose excellent story “Bear Hunt” was the first acceptance for our Vol. 4 Michigan and Ontario writers feature, published his debut novel, North Dixie Highway, today with Texas Review Press.  A layered look at revenge and the deep ties of blood and family, the novel is set largely in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan and named after the Dixie … Continue reading Interview: Joseph Haske on his debut novel, North Dixie Highway