Camouflage by Jan Brown

Fall 2017


Figurative Paintings of Jan Brown



“Hell’s Graces” by Adda Djørup (tr. Peter Sean Woltemade)



“Animals of the North” by Christopher Ring
“House of Flowers” by Mark Jacobs
“Error_Code: 1072” by J. Paul Ross
“The Catch” by Grace Coberly



Five Poems by Parisa Emam
“Trouble Shirt” by Mary Biddinger
“What in the World are the Sparrows Saying” by George Bishop
“Good Soldiers” by Jennie Frost
“The Last Episode” by Kathleen Kirk
“American Baptism” by Shahé Mankerian
“Because you went” by Valerie Nieman
“Unhand Summer” by Lara Payne
Two Poems by Simon Perchik
“A Study of a Pin” by Katie Riley



“Malfunction” by Caitlyn Garvey
“Fighting is for Girls” by Kalil Zender



Interview with Ronlyn Domingue by Mary McMyne



Genevieve Smith on “The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell
Clay Winowiecki on “Creative Minds by Howard Gardner”