Our Last Breakfast

Katie Budris


In a booth at Marlan’s Diner, I spend
my last dime on coffee, stir
in spite of its lack of cream or sugar.

The mismatched mugs seem fitting
now, beside the peeling
pink wallpaper and sticky syrup bottle.

While we wait, you
fold your napkin in thirds, turn,
and thirds again.

I stare out the window,
across the aisle
and over empty booths.

Outside, snow stops falling from the sky,
rises up from the pavement, swirling
in the late April wind, just a little

too late to be beautiful.


Katie Budris hails from Chicago where she earned her MFA at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Her poems have appeared in journals such as The Albion Review, The Kelsey Review, Temenos, Yellow Medicine Review, Michigan Avenue Review, After Hours Press, Outside In Magazine, From the Depths (Haunted Waters Press), and the anthology Crossing Lines (Main Street Rag). Her debut chapbook, Prague in Synthetics, is now available from Finishing Line Press. Katie lives in Philadelphia where she is a professor of Writing Arts at Rowan University and serves as Editor-in-Chief of Glassworks Magazine. Visit her website at katiebudris.com.


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