Fall 2020

ART: The Oil Paintings of Vicki Smith FICTION: Abraham’s Axe by William BrasseA Muscular Organ, the Size of Your Fist by Carol QuinnGravitational Pull by Wendy BooydeGraaffNostalgia for the Interiors of Grocery Stores by Ron BurchSearching for a Dog in the Desert by David Obuchowski   POETRY: Four Poems by Michael MontlackBounce by Krista CoxInstead of Grief by Hollie DugasCreature, Creature by Jordan EscobarAltar of … Continue reading Fall 2020

The Oil Paintings of Vicki Smith

All of the artwork featured in volume 10 is the work of Canadian oil painter Vicki Smith. Vicki Smith is a Canadian painter known for her paintings of female figures that explore the possibilities and limitations of gravity.  Often shown suspended in rippling water, twisted and upside-down, falling into and out of the picture plane, these figures are so precariously placed upon the canvas that … Continue reading The Oil Paintings of Vicki Smith