The Oil Paintings of Vicki Smith

All of the artwork featured in volume 10 is the work of Canadian oil painter Vicki Smith. Vicki Smith is a Canadian painter known for her paintings of female figures that explore the possibilities and limitations of gravity.  Often shown suspended in rippling water, twisted and upside-down, falling into and out of the picture plane, these figures are so precariously placed upon the canvas that … Continue reading The Oil Paintings of Vicki Smith

Four Poems

Masculinity I learned its meaning from my mother. Warm              like the compress      I steadied      against her stoma. Gentle             exertion      as I attached      her colostomy bag.  Reassuring      eye contact      when she apologized      “for this god-awful mess.” Ready              to remind her:      the countless times      she changed me      as a child. Grateful          to mine affection      wherever      it might be found. Parade My father built a cage for me:two-by-fours jerry-riggedto a neighbor’s rusty flatbed,my sister trimming it with streamers—blue and … Continue reading Four Poems

The Oil Paintings of Michael Fantuz

All of the artwork featured in volume 9 is the work of Canadian oil painter Michael Fantuz. Fantuz is a self-taught artist who uses palette knives, primarily those inherited from his fraternal grandfather, Gastone Fantuz. He stretches his own canvases using Canadian kiln dried wood from renewable forests, archival and environmentally friendly hemp canvas, and professional archival grade pigments from Winsor and Newton Artist Paints. … Continue reading The Oil Paintings of Michael Fantuz

The Edge of Something

Despite my wish that I be called Nathaniel, Stephanie has always insisted on calling me Nate. I don’t want to suggest that she is always so contrary, and I do find it endearing now, though it took time. She has a contrarian streak in her that shines through more often than I have been consistently comfortable with, yet I completed much of my PhD thanks … Continue reading The Edge of Something

Do You Remember, 48" x 54", Oil on Canvas

Story of the Ghost

  They sit on the curb just past the customs booth: three dudes staring into the distance, faces hangdog, eyes vacant. Dreadlocks flow down their backs and rest limp on the sidewalk beside their bodies, looking like unearthed roots withering for lack of soil. Above them, the flags of two nations whip in a stiff breeze, while twenty yards off loom the struts and cables … Continue reading Story of the Ghost

Aerial View of Detroit, 24" x 30", Oil on Canvas

The Paintings of Emilie Mae

All of the art featured in this issue is the work of Emilie Mae, an American oil painter from Detroit, who now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Following the images below, our editors ask Emilie a few questions.           Interview with Emilie Mae Border Crossing: We really enjoy your use of vibrant color as well as use of texture in paintings. Can you talk … Continue reading The Paintings of Emilie Mae