Deep Dreams

          My father was a monster hunter. He believed in chimeras and yetis. When he looked into the ocean, he saw shadows lurking beneath it. Mother Nature didn’t like being bothered by humans, and she always had a full stock of ammunition to keep them out. It was his job to expose her armies so that children wouldn’t be swallowed by serpents. The monster he … Continue reading Deep Dreams

The Type of Bite that Stings

  When the beehive fell onto our front porch, I told Cecily not to look at it. She asked why, and I replied because I said so, and then she looked out the door window anyway and said, “It’s a broken home, just like ours.” I don’t know why Cecily thought our home was broken. Our plumbing works, although sometimes the toilet upstairs only flushes … Continue reading The Type of Bite that Stings