Fall 2015

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Art by Jenni Madden


“Giver of Life” by Dawn S. Davies
“Elliot Goodacre Survives the Flood”  by Danielle Armstrong
“A Poor Decision of a Different Order” by Dallas Crow
“What She Wants, What She Gets” by Mark Jacobs
“This Bird Has Flown”  by S. Frederic Liss
“Half in the Truth” by Gariot Louima


“Survival of the Fittest” by Zoie Cole


“Chameleons” by Marilyn Martin
“Dislocation” by Sierra Freeman
“Wordsworth in Mongolia” by Kevin Honold
“An Ambulance for Jeffery” by Colin Hoogerwerf
“Variations on a Theme” by Cameron LaVoy


Six poems by Mary Buchinger
“Marking V-BIEDs in Iraq” by Paul David Adkins
“The Smell of Dryer Sheets” by Stacey Balkun
Two Poems by Emily A. Benton
“Our Last Breakfast” by Katie Budris
“Head Trauma” by Ruth Foley
“Beer” by Patrick Kindig
Two Poems by Laura Marsh
“Rapture” by Henry Mills
“Caesium 137” by Jeremy Paden
“This envelope never dries, her name” by Simon Perchik
“Traveler’s Monologue” by Cassie Pruyn
“What Happens” by Maxwell Shanley


Rachael Lyon’s The Normal Heart and How It Works by Julie Brooks Barbour
Mark Jacobs’ Forty Wolves by Audrey Hutchison
Andrew F. Sullivan’s All We Want is Everything reviewed by Jana Tahtinen