Fall 2019


The Oil Paintings of Michael Fantuz


“The Edge of Something” by Brendan Thompson
“The Commuter’s Dream” by Charles Duffie
“Petaki Road” by Andrew Marvin
“Deep Dreams” by Jieyan Wang


“Vultures” by Brandi Jo Nyberg
“Loving My Neighbor” by Rick Kempa


Four Poems by Esther Ra
Two Poems by Kathryn Kirkpatrick
“Something About a Black Boy” by Len Lawson
“Navigation Song” by Sandy Longhorn
Four Poems by Rebecca Macijeski
“The First Thing I Wrote on This Retreat Was Not Supposed to Be About My Mother” by Donna Vorreyer
“Symptoms of Manhood” by John Sibley Williams


Review of Elizabeth Schmuhl’s Premonitions by Lizziegh Enos
Review of Richard Dokey’s The Loneliness Cafe by Amy Lehigh