Marking V-BIEDs in Iraq

Paul David Adkins


Baghdad brothers heard al-Qaeda marked V-BIEDs
with X’s of tape on car roofs, hoods—
If you spot one, run away.

Americans found such a sedan,
blew it in place with a water charge.
Doors shot open, trunk spun off,

fluttered like a tossed playing card.
When their physics teacher failed the brothers—
Some BS test—
they found his car that night.

They taped an X on top,
called the Terror Tips Line.
Americans came at dawn,
cordoned the street.

Stepping out for work, the teacher pointed—That’s my car . . .
From their window the brothers watched.
The teacher yelled—It’s not a bomb, you idiots!

The brothers fell from sight
when he screamed

That’s my fucking car!!

Adkins Photo

Paul David Adkins lives in New York and works as a counselor.



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