Two Poems

From What to Do


Fill your attic with an even layer of sand. On the weekends, go up and take close photographs of any new footprints that you find. Use the photographs to identify the culprits. This done, procure taxidermied specimens of each trespassing species. Position the stuffed beasts in the attic and recomb the sand. Keep a diary of your findings. 


Skip work. Find a place where you can see wild animals. Not like a zoo; but like a parking lot known for its congregations of macaques and wild boar. Like a garbage dump where bears go foraging. A park with pigeons will do. Ignore all of the signs. Feed the animals. Risk a mauling. Feed the birds.

Diane Goettel is the Executive Editor of Black Lawrence Press and founding editor of Sapling. Diane studied creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College and received her MA from Brooklyn College. She taught English and creative writing for seven years in Hong Kong and now lives in New York with her family. Her in-progress chapbook What To Do is a series of rituals for people with high-functioning mental illness.